Who We Are

Like many Hobbyists, we find it difficult to get quality products related to our Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. Building stuff is fun, but sourcing out parts back then was a sore. It was 2013 when we decided to launched an Online Shop for Open Source Hardware in the Philippines with Arduino, Adafruit, DFRobot and Raspberry Pi as our core products.

A year later, we need to level up and meet the demands of our growing customers. A Shop was put up, a physical store where we can interact with our fellow makers and help them in their builds. Several years have passed and with a bigger shop and a much larger tribe, we remain to be committed in helping you INVENT, CREATE & BUILD.

Who is Circuit-Help? We are the students, teachers, hobbyists, Makers that take pride of our works and who’s eyes sparkle in excitement watching the lead melt at the tip of our solders.

What We Do

We sell Arduino, Adafruit, DFRobot and Raspberry Pi products in the Philippines. But unlike other online sellers, we give technical support to our customers in our shop or online. We know what we are selling since we used them ourselves in creating customized solutions for other companies and organizations.

We’ve built countless of projects using the things we sell and work continue to pile up. Nope we are not complaining, in fact we enjoy every minute of it from designing, fabrication and integration. It’s kinda weird but we love the smell of a burning solder like our coffee in the morning.

To protect the confidentiality of our client’s project, we can disclose only limited parts of it. You can check our portfolio page.