Haunted Halloween Mirror

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Are you looking for new and cool Halloween decorations for your big holiday celebration? Or maybe you just want to scare the heck out of your friends?

This Haunted Halloween Mirror is perfect for both parties and pranks! We transformed a regular two-way mirror by adding a 40” TV monitor right behind it. This monitor is connected to our main controller, a Raspberry Pi 3. It may look like a regular mirror at first glance but once someone comes close to it, an ultrasonic sensor is triggered and the zombies start trying to claw their way out of the mirror! 😀 *evil laugh* (Pro tip: Wait for a few seconds after the sensor is triggered so that the person is even closer to the mirror!)

This mirror can also be used for games and advertising! Make sure to check out our future blog posts as we will show you a more serious (sort of) way of using this mirror! In the meantime, HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us here at Circuit-Help!


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  • Tobias Contreras

    Any resources for the zombie video?

    • benjie

      Hi Tobias, there are plenty of free stock footages available online. We also edited the video to fit our monitor’s resolution, which you can easily do with any video editing software. Cheers!


    Hi Benjie, first of all, congratulations! This is a great project! I would like to know where can I find more information about this project, something like the source code and how to assembly all the system. Thanks!

    • benjie

      Hi Marcos, thanks for your interest! We based our hardware design on the Magic Mirror project and had the mirror custom-made to fit the 40″ monitor. Unfortunately this project was made for a client, so we might have to clear it with them before giving away the source code. In the meantime there are plenty of great magic mirror tutorials online and we’re also planning to do our own in the future. Hope this helps!

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