Micro DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft


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The 6V, 180rpm Micro DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and is designed to easily incorporate the DFRobot Encoder. These motors are inexpensive, small, easy to install, and ideally suited for use in a mobile robot car. The DFRobot RoMeo microcontroller (sold separately) is able to complete the closed-loop PID making use of the optional encoders.


Electrical Characteristics:

Operating Voltage Range: 3~7.5V
Rated Voltage: 6V
Max. No-load Current(3V): 140 mA
Max. No-load Current(6V): 170 mA
No-load Speed(3V): 90 rpm
No-load Speed(6V): 160 rpm
Max. Output Torque: 0.8 kgf.cm
Max. Stall Current: 2.8 A

Operating Conditions:
Rated Load: 0.2 kgf.cm
Operating Temperature: -10~+60 ℃
Storage Temperature: -30~+85 ℃
Motor Type: 130

Mechanical Characteristics:
Output Mode: 2 sides
Gear Ratio: 1:120
Max. Diameter of Output Axle: 5.4 mm
Net Weight: 45 g

This product and description is from DFRobot.


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