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planting the SEEED… Circuit-Help is now an Authorized Distributor of SeeedStudio in the Philippines.!!

Yup, we’ve inked the deal and we’ll be carrying seeedstudio products in our menu. Savor the flavor of a wide range of Open Source Hardware for your next cooking hacks. We’ll start with an appetizer of prototyping needs not easily available locally and then come up with an entree of Arduino shields and sensors. Of course, we’ll give in if you want to start with the dessert and pre order from us. Just visit and we promise to make it convenient for you to get those sweet goodies of electronics.

Seeed is a hardware innovation platform for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. By working closely with technology providers of all scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps productize 1 to 1,000 pcs using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture forces. Seeed also team up with incubators, China tech ecosystem, investors and distribution channels to portal Maker startups beyond.

We have planted the SEEED, now watch us GROW and make a DIFFERENCE.

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  • Mara Agustin

    Do you have a stock for seeedstudio nfc shield v2? we need 2

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