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With our solid background in Electronics and Microcontrollers, we’ve been able to build functional prototypes to a wide variety of applications. Some notable ones include an interactive Lobby Robot, Asset Tracking Devices, Conditional Access Machines and Wireless Remote Management..

Currently, we are also working on several prototypes for overseas clients in the field of wearable electronics and LORA WAN. These projects are strictly covered with NDA’s so we cannot disclose it. It involves circuit design, proof of concept and to some extent limited fabrication.

Since we started in 2013 with Arduino and Raspberry Pi related builds, we’ve come a long way and are now doing embedded systems



Our very first automation project would you believe (suspense) … is a Green House automation. It is basically Time and Soil Moisture dependent water system that Open and Shut sprinkles and Drip valves. Not rocket science but we are very proud that we did not kill any plants. The greenhouse owner who happens to be a landscaper is still our client up to this day.

From this simple automation project, we can now provide strategic solution to increase productivity that involves ICT enabled managed solutions and converged engineering services.



Our extensive experience in the Broadcast Industry led us to work on Remote Transmitter Parameters by sending status data using telemetry, 3G Network, and the internet. Today, much of our projects involving remote management use unique combinations of wireless technology and the cloud.

Since it is becoming increasingly important for Engineers to monitor and managed equipment that are widely spread, we find ourselves collaborating with them in building appropriate platforms focused to improve Up-Times and reduce Maintenance cost.



Currently, the biggest bulk of our projects involve sensory experience and hands-on activity. We’ve worked with several Advertising agencies and Marketing Organizations in executing their concepts. Most of these undertakings are under Non-Disclosure Agreements ergo we are restricted by law to divulge details. But we do enjoy working with creative people in making their ideas a reality.

As an example, for the past five consecutive years, a multinational company trusted CircuitHelp to provide solutions in a multitude of ways in their increasingly need of immersive events.

These include developing customized games using wireless controllers, Kinect and gesture sensors. Occasionally, we also build them cost-effective and configurable Video Walls and Digital signages.