Hack Attack Tutorial: Automated Coffeemaker using Adafruit Feather FONA

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Feather is Adafruit’s latest devboard line, consisting of low power, standalone microcontrollers that would be perfect for your portable projects. Feather FONA combines the Feather with Adafruit’s famous FONA breakout board into one tiny package. You can use this to send and recieve SMS, make or receive voice calls, and even listen to FM broadcasts. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use the Feather FONA to receive a text message and have your coffee maker at home start brewing your coffee (even if you’re still stuck in traffic otw home haha). Less waiting time for coffee when you do get home, yay!

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STEP 1. First things first, gather your materials! You will need the Adafruit Feather FONA, a LiPoly battery, a uFL to SMA adapter cable, wires, a micro USB cable, a relay, a computer to do your coding in, and an activated SIM card.


STEP 2. You can separate the wiring into two parts, one is for the coffee maker and the other one is for the FONA itself. Check it out below! (Btw we used a really old extension cord because we didn’t want to cut open our coffeemaker’s plug 😀 But this way, you can also use it for other appliances!)



STEP 3. Next up is installing the required drivers and libraries for the FONA. THIS one is for the Arduino IDE, THIS one is for the Feather drivers, and THIS one if for the FONA library. (Author’s note: Adafruit has the best tutorials. Seriously. You should check out their extensive FONA tutorial as well!) Happy installing! 😀 😀 😀

SUPER IMPORTANT STEP 4. Once you’ve happily and successfully installed everything in STEP 3, you can now go ahead and open “FONA_SMS_response.ino” from the examples folder of the FONA library. You will then need to change the following lines of the code:



STEP 5. Success!! (We hope haha.) You can now try texting your FONA! You can also change the message that your FONA uses to reply to you. 🙂


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  • Federico

    This worked for me but only while plugged to my PC+serial monitor running. I know this is because FONA is looking for the serial monitor and there isn’t one. Is there an easy way to overcome this? Sorry, noob here.

    • Irina Joves

      Hi Federico, please message us at https://www.facebook.com/CircuitHelp/ so that our engineers can walk you through the entire process. Thank you!

      • Federico

        Thanks, I solved it looking at adafruit Help page for thisproduct. Only thing I needed to do was comment out this single line: while (!Serial);

  • Federico

    Thanks, I solved it looking at adafruit Help page for this product. Only thing I needed to do was comment out this single line: while (!Serial);

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